Quinta-feira, 9 de Outubro de 2008

And I wait for YOU

And I cry and no one can hear

The blinded eyes that see

The chaos

Bring the pitifull to me

Even though I'm wide-awake, I will

& blackest night & I will wait for you

It's cold in here, there's no one left

And I wait for you

And nothing stops it happening

And I knew, I’d cherish all my misery alone


And I wait staring at the northern star

I’m afraid it won't lead me anywhere

He’s so cold, he will ruin the world tonight

All the angels kneel into the northern lights

Kneel into the frozen lights

Feel their hearts, they're cold and white


And I want you

And blessed are the broken

And I beg you

No loneliness, no misery is worth you

Oh, tear his heart cold as ice

It's mine

And I pray, begging to the northern star

I’m afraid it won’t lead you anywhere

He’s so cold, he will rule the world tonight

All the angels, kneeling to the northern lights

Kneeling to the frozen lights

Feel their hearts, they're cold as ice

Hole - Northern Star

Bina Ladina aka NightWitX às 00:06
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